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We’re Lit Up About Lanterns at Rock Creek

UPDATED WITH NEW INFO JULY 23, 2019 For those who’ve read a series of my blogs, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of the builder Boulder Creek Neighborhoods. From quality construction to nicely chosen finishes, I think they do a great job in delivering value for money spent. That’s why I’m excited to hear […]

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Understanding Market Value

The Boulder County housing market has been hotly active for years. While increasing home values have been a boon to those selling real estate, the market is hinting at a leveling as inventory is rising on the MLS and for rental properties. The January 2019 Attached Dwelling market report in Boulder County shows the first […]

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Selling your home: process for success

When it comes to selling your home, choosing the right agent makes a big difference. The real estate selling process is incredibly complex, involving stacks of documentation and a multitude of outside service providers and contractors. As your listing agent team, we’ll strive to make the process as smooth, efficient and hassle-free as possible. Working […]

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A Certified Home Inspector Helps Cover your Assets

Considering all of the moving parts and checklists and transactions of purchasing a home, most home buyers put a team of professionals together to get the job done. Realtor? On speed dial. Morgtage lender? Check. Moving company? A no-brainer. Certified home inspector? Umm, I guess so…? Home inspections are not the sexiest part of purchasing […]

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