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Winter Real Estate in Colorado

Winter a great time for real estate sales

Real estate sales in winter There’s no doubt the holidays and deep winter months create a slowdown in real estate transactions. However, the date on the calendar shouldn’t be a determining point on whether you decide to buy or sell. According to Realtor Magazine, a recent study found that in low inventory markets like we […]

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Boulder Holiday lights

Near to home for the holidays

Boulder County Home for the Holidays During the holidays, I feel there’s a deeper appreciation of “home.” “Going home for the holidays” is a widespread term. I say it myself, even though I’ve lived far away from where I grew up for decades and have a house filled with kids of my own. A sense […]

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Colorado Realtors

Boulder County’s Culture of Giving

November tugs at nostalgic heartstrings, prompting images of long Thanksgiving tables full of food and rimmed with loved ones stating what they’re thankful for. People who live in Boulder County have multitudes of things to be thankful for every month. We have, of course, our beautiful environment and fresh air. We can give thanks for […]

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