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Boulder County’s Culture of Giving

November tugs at nostalgic heartstrings, prompting images of long Thanksgiving tables full of food and rimmed with loved ones stating what they’re thankful for. People who live in Boulder County have multitudes of things to be thankful for every month. We have, of course, our beautiful environment and fresh air. We can give thanks for a robust economy, top-ranking school systems, and plenty of entertainment, sporting, and cultural options. But what I wish to point out here is something of tremendous value that stands politely in the shadows behind visual or tangible benefits, yet has as much impact as material blessings on a town’s quality of life and sense of community. That’s a culture of giving.

While it may look that most of Boulder County is affluent, like any other metro area we have a sizeable population that’s struggling. The current census shows 14% of Boulder County residents live at or below poverty level. Some have homes but don’t have reliable source of daily food, while some are homeless. For the “fortunate” it’s a short-term scenario, for others it’s chronic. But there’s hope; this segment of our population is cared for by a large number of organizations and individuals. When a population puts value on everyone having basic needs met, there’s a sense of community created that’s powerful. That sense of togetherness and unity strengthens neighborhoods, and even drives real estate value toward the positive. It does take a village to take care of our own, so I’ve compiled a few resources that you – and I mean you reading this, right now – can donate to. Community Food Share claims that for every dollar donated, they can give 3 meals to a person in need. $10 becomes 30 meals. That’s a heck of a value in my book!

But first, I want to share that I’m thankful for my family, friends, living a healthy and full life in Boulder County, and for the chance to serve my real estate clients. Happy holidays, and thank you for continuing a culture of giving.


Community Food Share is the one-stop shop to donate across the board. CFS is Boulder and Broomfield Counties’ food bank. They collect food and money, then turn it around to distribute to a wide range of agencies and individuals.

Have a soft spot for youth? Attention Homes provides shelter, community-based living, and life skill lessons for runaway and homeless youth aged 12 to 24. They aim to get these kids on the track toward a sustainable, meaningful adulthood.

Supporting Boulder and Broomfield Counties since 1918, Emergency Family Assistance Association (EFAA) helps families with basic needs, casework, housing, plus education and advocacy. Instead of putting a band-aid on the problem, EFAA works to change lives for the better.

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