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Courtesy of Trulia

A Certified Home Inspector Helps Cover your Assets

Considering all of the moving parts and checklists and transactions of purchasing a home, most home buyers put a team of professionals together to get the job done. Realtor? On speed dial. Morgtage lender? Check. Moving company? A no-brainer. Certified home inspector? Umm, I guess so…? Home inspections are not the sexiest part of purchasing […]

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Boulder Real Estate

Real Estate on Tech

Technology is everywhere, and I love using it. It permeates my business from start to finish. My cell phone is glued to my hand. My computer is always on. And when it comes to helping my clients I’m using technology to the hilt. 90% of home buyers and sellers use the internet to buy a […]

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Hire a Realtor

The (Home) Price is Right

In maximizing value when selling your home, a proper pricing strategy is one of 3 things a home seller has control over. The other 2 variants, the home’s condition and marketing, are as important. But those options are more tangible; you can physically see home improvements and you can see marketing results through analytics and […]

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