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Hire a Realtor

The (Home) Price is Right

In maximizing value when selling your home, a proper pricing strategy is one of 3 things a home seller has control over. The other 2 variants, the home’s condition and marketing, are as important. But those options are more tangible; you can physically see home improvements and you can see marketing results through analytics and […]

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These colors may not fly in a HOA neighborhood

Covenant Considerations

I had a client couple who looked at a home for sale in a covenant controlled neighborhood. One of the reasons they were drawn to the area was the nicely-kempt lawns and well maintained home that lined the streets. “Everyone really seems to care about their yards around here,” one of them commented. It dawned […]

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Louisville CO Restaurants and Nightlife

Hope for Home Buyers

A question I get asked a lot is, “Can anyone still afford to buy in Boulder County?!” The local housing market certainly remains to be challenging for a home buyer. Prices have increased steadily year-over-year mainly because there isn’t much inventory on the market. A recent front page story in the Daily Camera featured the […]

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