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Technology is everywhere, and I love using it. It permeates my business from start to finish. My cell phone is glued to my hand. My computer is always on. And when it comes to helping my clients I’m using technology to the hilt. 90% of home buyers and sellers use the internet to buy a home, according to the National Association of Realtors. Since you’re reading this blog on my website you know the value of using the internet for real estate research.

The internet and technology open huge opportunities in real estate. For sellers, exposing a home for sale online provides a greater chance of finding a buyer that is willing to meet terms, price and desired closing date. For a buyer, searching homes for sale can save a vast amount of time, allowing multiple virtual showings while filtering for price, location, size, and style. Technology is one of a real estate agent’s greatest assets. Here’s how I use tech for my clients:

Professional High Resolution Photos, Videos and Home Tours

  • With real estate websites it should be said photos are worth far more than 1000 words. First impressions to potential Image-3buyers are everything. Therefore before I list a home I hire a professional photographer to capture its beauty…it’s obvious when agents try to skimp and photograph it on their own. I’ve commissioned videographers using drones to shoot aerial shots of homes with impressive exteriors, yards or amazing views. A 3D virtual tour allows buyers to “walk through” a home at midnight, enticing them to come see it in real life. Anything that gives potential home buyers a reason to request a showing of your home is worth the expenditure…out of MY pocket.
  • More photos on a real estate posting produce a higher rank, so I post multiple shots to get your home toward the top of the page.

Easy to Use Search Tools

  • For buyers specifically I have a tool named MySite that allows you to organize your search. You create a customized search, review info on each property, plus add comments and ratings. It only populates with the newest daily listings so you’re up-to-date on what’s available within your criteria.
  • For home sellers and buyers, my online tool MarketWatch allows you to follow what homes list in the area. This helps sellers intelligently price a home based on comps and allows buyers to keep watch on preferred neighborhood MLS activity.

Comprehensive Online Marketing

  • I post homes for sale on the top-visited real estate websites such as Zillow, Trulia,, and Yahoo!homes.
  • RE/MAX displays your property online around the world in 36 languages and 40 different currencies. In Boulder County, with a high amount of tech, science, and university positions, you never know where your buyer will come from.
  • I create a property specific website for each home so buyers can find details quickly and in detail. QR codes on yard signs point interested parties right to that home’s personalized website.
  • Open houses are posted on real estate sites to entice the greatest amount of traffic.
  • I advertise on websites and apps such as If a buyer is interested in a property I represent, they see my contact info immediately.

Secure and Streamlined Communications

  • Showings of your home are set up using technology. You can choose to receive phone calls, texts or emails for showing requests. After a showing, the buyer’s agent gives immediate feedback regarding interest or comments about what the buyer didn’t like. That allows opportunity to address common issues (i.e. a cracked tile) immediately.
  • Most documentation during the negotiation, inspection, and deadline phases can be handled with electronic signatures and initials. You can sign off on e-documents while waiting in line at a coffee shop.

Don’t worry if this makes your head spin. You don’t have to be a technology geek to fully maximize the sale of your home. I do! (Or at least my team does.) The main point is that technology has become an integral part of buying and selling real estate. I keep up on how to best use it for my clients. Contact me to see how I’d put tech to work for your real estate needs.

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